Welcome to the new 2020 Canada!

Hi everyone.   Most of you may know me from joint events and webinars that Peggy and I have done together over the years.  It has been a pleasure working with Peggy and getting to know her members.  For those that do not know me, I am a curator of accounting knowledge.  I had my first accounting job in 1991 and have spent my entire career focusing on new and better ways to run accounting firms.  This quest has helped me build solid firms and now I focus on helping others run their firms better.
I believe that with the right tools, technology, and training, any firm can become more profitable and more efficient.  Often, the biggest challenge is just knowing where to start.
When Peggy approached me to take over 2020 Canada, I was thrilled to have a new challenge.  I look forward to learning more about your individual needs and how we can build value for you in your firms.
I bring a passion for coaching and mentoring to this project and look forward to sharing the unique skill set that I have acquired over the years.
Jeff Borschowa
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Message to Members, Present and Past

This will be my final message as President of 2020 Canada.  I have decided to pass the baton on to Jeff Borschowa.  Jeff has purchased 2020 Canada and it will be effective September 29th, 2016.  You can expect new and innovative ideas and direction over the coming months.  I could not think of a more qualified individual to take over the reins.
What a ride it has been.  I have had the privilege of working with a group of individuals who are the backbone of most communities.  You influence entrepreneurs, professionals, SMEs, non-profits, individuals (both ordinary and powerful) and governments.  Your clients call you their "trusted advisers".
I have travelled the world (England, many major cities in the USA, Australia, Thailand, and Columbia), speaking and training.  I have spent time in cities across Canada listening to accountants share their successes, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.  I do not see that stopping as I continue to work with Jeff on the advisory board and work with firms as they integrate Wealth Management into their respective practices via Wealth Stewards Inc. I have had the privilege of meeting some of the most influential people in the accounting industry as declared by Accounting Today.  First and foremost Chris Frederiksen - he has been a mentor and huge supporter of 2020 Canada over the years and I can't thank him enough for that.  Joel Sinkin and Terry Putney, who have provided unlimited guidance to 2020 Canada via webinars and have accepted me as their partner in the M&A business.  There are many Canadian industry leaders as well - Don Nilson, Paul Tyers (more on that later)  Mort Shapiro, Brian Wilson,  Julia Littlechild, and Stuart Hartley to name a few.
 Without a doubt, the biggest thrill has been getting to know you all (I think you know that).  I think of our legacy members - Fred Slade, Foo Yee, Harold and Ana Johnson, Paul Grossi, Sal Formusa & Gino Zuccaro, Anthony Cusimano, Bob Gore, Cunningham Partners, Greg Short, George Wall, Marcia McCann, Todd Trowbridge, Winnie Wong and Bob Dieleman who have had a huge impact on me.  The building of members from across the whole of Canada continued to stretch my growth.
We were the first in Canada to host webinars and I remember people saying "what are you doing????". That is just one of innovations 2020 Canada brought to market.  As I spoke at different venues around the world I could not help but be proud of 2020 Canada Members.  You listened at the various seminars and webinars and for the most part you implemented.  You were ahead of the industry in:
  • Wealth Management  (You were the pioneers in this)
  • Websites (when many others thought it was a passing fancy)
  • Dual monitors, no triple monitors, no four monitors, some more (I had and accountant ask me in June why would I have more than one?  Really?????)
  • Being paperless
  • Outsourcing-CPA magazine just featured it last month.  2020 Canada members have been doing it for years; they even featured Ken Schultz.  They failed to mention he learned about it through 2020 Canada- they simply stated at a CPA course.  What do you think they were implying????
  • Being on the cloud
  • Use of portals
  • Marketing Plans
  • Cheaper professional liability insurance options
  • New software programs-CCH, Client Track, Office pro, Receipt-Bank, Telepay, Payroll, Scan Snap, etc.
There are a couple of other individuals who have had a big impact on 2020 Canada and me personally.  First of all-Richard Latimer!  I could not have asked for a better partner over the years.  He was instrumental on so many levels.  His brilliance shone through in anything technological (software programs, excel, setting up for seminars and conferences).  He was creative - for example he produced each newsletter.  He was the best sounding board a person could ask for.  Thank you, Richard, for all you did over the years for 2020 Canada and me.
Finally, thank you to my family-Paul, Chris & Sarah, Haley & Drew.  You are the best! You have been completely supportive over the years.  Paul you have provided leadership at various points, spoken at events, hosted webinars, and simply supported me in this endeavour. Thank you! Chris and Haley, thank you for your encouragement/ support over the years-especially when it meant being away week(s) at a time.  Love you (Sarah and Drew too).
Continue to be innovative and ahead of the pack through your membership in 2020 Canada.
With a grateful heart!
Peggy Tyers
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